1. I’ll handle that myself
Wedding day should be a day for the bride and the groom to truly enjoy as it is the fruit of their hard work for months, rather than work like one the crews.

2. Entourage = wedding planner
Bridesmaids and groomsmen are almost a must in most weddings manage their roles as … bridesmaid and groomsmen. It is important to communicate thoroughly if they are willing to and understand the task involve to also take the role of wedding planner for the day.

3. Let’s get everyone to help
It is hard to resist a helping hand when offered. But, having too many extra helping hands sometime might resulting in breaking down the tasks too small and affecting the overall efficiency.

4. Nervous!
It is normal to be a bit nervous about one’s big day. However, excessive nervousness shows right on the face and will affect the mood too.

5. My makeup will know what to do on the day, if not; I will tell her/him what I want
Many brides only meet their makeup artist for the first time on the wedding day. The lack of advanced communication about bridal style often results in major delays to accommodate makeup changes.

6. My wedding, my fashion show
It is understandable brides want to show all different sides of their beauty on their big day. In doing so, brides need to take multiple trips to the bridal room for change and miss out a lot of precious moments in the ball room. Keep in mind, the banquet time is limited. The more dress there is to show meaning there would be less time for the guests admire each dress.

7. If you invite them, they will come
Without an accurate R.S.V.P. head-count, it is very possible to cause chaos for having more guest than the prepared tables and seats. Or, result in emptiness from a low turnout.

8. It’s my day, let them wait
Being punctual is probably more important on this day than any other day. Any slip on timing by wedding couple, entourage or even guest could greatly affect the flow of entire day.

9. My parents are cool
They say weddings are about two people getting together, but it could be more accurate to say it is two families becoming one. Many couples while busy organizing their wedding, sometimes forgot to consult their parents’ opinion. This could ultimately leave a scar between the in-laws while trying to form a big new family.

10. Amateur expert opinion
Many people do have ideas about what a perfect wedding should look like. But, these ideas are rarely identical. It is your wedding, have it your way. Too many opinions from surroundings might end up causing more harm than good.