Sagittarius, Type O

The always cheerful and passionate Ingrid was born in Macau and later brought up in Hong Kong. She dived headlong into the wedding industry as a MC after graduating from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Since then she has upheld over a hundred of wedding ceremonies and banquets.

Hosting ceremony as if she was the couple’s best friend allows her to create that romantic, warm, touching moments and bring everyone an unique memory full of joy. The sense of happiness and satisfaction motivate her greatly every time when newlyweds, parents and guests thankfully shook her hand to expressing their appreciations.

As a wedding MC, throughout her coordinations with varies wedding planners, Ingrid has built up a strong interest in this field and noticed that teams behind-the-scene whom manage wedding day details are the key for every perfect wedding.

Noticing couples often get fretful planning their weddings, Ingrid believes having a professional, passionate yet dedicated planning team to do-it-all is what will bring to the couple that stress-free, fascinating and once in a lifetime experience we all look for in a wedding.

Becoming an outstanding wedding planner has been her career goal for years. Just like our service mission at Pink Wedding, “Adding laughter and touching tears to the biggest day of your life”, she promises to serve whole-heartily and sincerely to create that unique perfect wedding of yours.