Chief Consultant

Scorpio, Type O

Conway’s long history of managing events goes way back to his high school years in Toronto. While all other kids at that age would resort to only the most budget ways to prepare for a fair, he knew, only the best equipment and material can prepare dishes to impress and host shows to shine.Of course, student budgets are always limited. By exploring some hidden resources and tightly managing the budget, Conway’s team was able to assemble the best show in town by a fraction of its normal cost.
At the end of the day, it was a food fair where students call in friends from outside just to get a taste of the best dish they never had for years, and every stage shows were packed shoulder to shoulder while late guests standing outside trying to get in for a glimpse at the talk of the day. The success only leaving the school regretting they didn’t agreed to let him host the show at the biggest stage.

That was just his very first event. For the next 20 years, Conway continues to manage some of the largest, most innovative and successful events for his own pleasure and at work. He once breaks the record by packing 1300 people under one roof for a night of fun where the closest thing before that was less than 1/3 of the size; with his hands, Taiwan hosts its first 1000 guests’ week-long world conference for International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations. It was regarded as the most successful conference ever by the international committee.

20 years from his first event, the world has changed a lot and Conway always insists of being innovative for every wedding and event. One thing that he still lives by, “only the very best will make people wow … without the big price tag”.